Recruitment procedure

The University of Bern has stipulated that one quarter of all professorships must be held by women by 2016. The current proportion of professorships and associate professorships held by women of just under 18% is still a long way below the targets.

A central issue is ensuring the quality of the recruitment procedure. Fair and transparent recruitment procedures increase gender equality. For this purpose, the University of Bern has issued a series of guidelines entitled "Equal opportunities in recruitment procedures" as well as a series of basic rules. Among other things, these stipulate that one commission member act as a gender equality delegate in the recruitment commissions. A member of the Office for Gender Equality also has to sit in on the commissions in an advisory capacity.

The Office for Gender Equality provides the recruitment commissions with documents and holds workshops on gender equality in the recruitment procedure.

Workshop on gender equality in the appointment procedure

The half-day workshops are aimed at members of recruitment commissions, particularly professors. The participants concern themselves with the various phases of the procedure and swap stories and experiences with each other and with the course instructor about stumbling blocks as regards the gender quality of all candidates.

Details of the workshops are published in the course program of the Office for Gender Equality: