As an instrument of specific promotion of early career researchers, mentoring motivates female academics to plan, and resolutely pursue, their academic career. At the University of Bern, there is a special offer available to women for a whole range of target groups which is organized with the financial support of the University of Bern, the Swiss federal program for gender equality and the Swiss National Science Foundation. 

At the university, mentoring programs are on offer at individual faculties, but there is also a mentoring program available for all female students at the University of Bern as well as the Mentoring program of German-speaking Switzerland from the level of PhD upward:

Mentoring Programs

Target group: Master's students of all faculties.

Current program description: SUB

Target group: PhD students, postdocs, and assistant professors of the Business, Economics and Social Science Faculty

Current program description: WISO

Target group: PhD students, post PhD students and assistant professors of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Vetsuisse Faculty)


Target group: PhD students and postdocs at the Faculty of Theology.


Target group: Female PhD students, post doctoral students, group leaders, teaching and research assistants or senior teaching and research assistant, assistant physicians or senior physicians at the Faculty of Medicine