Workshop for PhD students and Postdocs

Better Science: How to Improve Research Culture

Friday, 2022/11/11, 13:30 h

Academic work should be characterized by sustainability, diversity, and equal opportunities. A good research culture allows researchers to pursue qualitative work and excellent research. This workshop serves to engage participants with the issue of research culture and the notion of academic excellence. It enables participants to develop different approaches and solutions for their own research culture, based on the image of an „ideal university“.

Event organizer: Office for Gender Equality
Speaker: Joel Schaad, Office for Gender Equality, University of Bern, Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
Date: 2022/11/11
Time: 13:30 - 15:30 h
Locality: online
Registration: Register here (Registration deadline: 16.10.2022)
Characteristics: not open to the public
free of charge

Further information


The participants

  • reflect on their role as researchers who are part of a research culture
  • learn how a diverse research culture leads to better science
  • learn how they can influence the culture in their team


  • CHF 20.- for students and staff of the University of Bern
  • CHF 50.- for external participants

Course language: English