Trans identity

Trans people are persons who do not feel that they belong to the gender (the so-called gender identity) to which they were assigned at birth. Therefore, some may wish to adjust the social and administrative assignment of their gender to their gender identity. Transition is a process of social, legal and/or medical alignment with gender identity. During the transition process, it often happens that the social perception of gender differs from its administrative assignment. For as long as a change of name in the civil register has not yet been carried out during the transition process, the question of treatment on the basis of the desired gender and name may arise (in particular, the use of the so-called everyday name).

University members who are in a transition phase have the option of administratively adjusting their first name and gender entry (limited to m or f). University diplomas can be reissued retroactively after an official adjustment.

Adjustment of first name and gender entry for trans people

Students, doctoral students and employees of the University of Bern who are in a transition process (or have been through one) can have themselves registered in university systems with their everyday name wherever possible, in deviation from the official first name and gender entry. In the following documents you will find information about the procedure and the general conditions as well as the application form.


If you have any questions or look for counselling on gender identity, you can contact the Office for Gender Equality (see contact).