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Advisory service

We advise both university units as well as individuals (students, teaching and research assistants, professors, administrative employees) in gender-equality-relevant matters. We are the contact point for members of the university who feel they are suffering discrimination because of their gender.

We work together with other university offices, on consultation with those seeking advice. All advisory sessions are in the strictest confidence. Please send inquiries by e-mail or call the Secretariat.

Sexual harassment

If you are being harassed in your working environment or during your studies, you have the right to free advice and support. All advice takes place confidentially and does not oblige you to take any further steps.

Employees and students of the university can contact the Counseling Service of the Universities of Bern.

Take a look at the website www.respect.unibe.ch. You will find out more about what sexual harassment is and what legal implications there are. As a member of senior staff, as a victim or an onlooker, keep informed about what you can do about sexual harassment.