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Current Students

Here you will find information about the number of students at each academic level according to the study programs of the University of Bern and the specialist terms of the Swiss University Information System (SHIS). The rules of the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (FSO) apply to the collection of the data. Students are deemed to be all persons who were registered at the University of Bern in the applicable fall semester. Persons attending the senior citizens' and children's universities are not included. 


The essentials in brief

In 2018 18'019 students were registered at the University of Bern. 6'641 (37%) of them originated from the canton of Berne while 2'141 (12%) came from abroad. The proportion of female students amounted to 57%.

7'692 (43%) studied at Bachelor level, 4'602 (26%) at Master level, 2'966 (16%) at doctoral level and 2'759 (15%) at the level of continuing education. Compared to the previous year, the number of students has increased by 1%, whereby the number of bachelor and master students has slightly decreased by  (-0,2% and - 0,3%) and the number of continuing education and doctoral level students has increased by 3%.

In total 5'028 students have started their studies at one of the 4 study levels (an increase of 2% over the previous year).


We offer you the figures as of 2004.

2015 student statistics