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Promotion Fund Panel

The Promotion Fund was initiated by MVUB and aims to encourage networking activities of young researchers from doctoral study (PhD) level upwards. Innovative ideas that strengthen independence and personal skills are financed with a maximum of 5’000 CHF. The Vice-Rectorate Research calls for proposals twice a year. The applications are assessed by a panel of members of the intermediate staff on behalf of the Commission for the Promotion of Young Researchers of the University of Bern.

Panel Members
Name  Institut  Fakultät  Funktion
Müller Stefan Departement of Clinical Research  Faculty of Medicine Head of Panel
 Achermann Dania Institute of History Faculty of Humanities
 Gubler Danièle  Institute of Psychology Faculty of Human Sciences
 Rahn Nancy Institute of Old Testament Studies Faculty of Theology
 Schaller-Tschan Monica UKH-HZL, Inselspital   Faculty of Medicine
 Schelbert Sabrina Institute of Tax Law Faculty of Law
 Talker Stephanie Institute of Virology and Immunology Vetsuisse Faculty
 Welti Gaudenz Institute of Educational Science Faculty of Human Sciences
1 seat vacant since October 2020

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