Organization Intermediate Staff Association


At a national level, intermediate staff are organized via Switzerland's intermediate staff association actionuni. Not only does actionuni represent members of university colleges, it also represents members from universities of applied sciences and universities of teacher education. Actionuni promotes the interests of intermediate staff at various levels. Its responsibilities include:

  • Communication and coordination between the various local intermediate staff organizations

  • Nomination and secondment of intermediate staff representatives to national boards, such as the foundation board for the SNF or CRUS (new:  swissuniversities)

  • Maintenance of contact with relevant political and academic decision-makers and with the Swiss student union VSS-UNES-USU

  • Provision of information for researchers and policy

  • International contact with other national intermediate staff associations and with the European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers EURODOC.

Cooperation with actionuni enables MVUB to raise issues and concerns at a national level and benefit from exchanging experiences with other intermediate staff associations in Switzerland.