Organization Intermediate Staff Association


The MVUB achieves its position of significance and importance in its work at the University of Bern with the support of as many intermediate staff members as possible.

Become a member

Membership of the MVUB is open to all graduate academic staff (diploma, licentiate/master's degree, state examinations, etc.), as long as they are in an employment relationship with the university or an institute of the university and are not regular faculty members. Membership is also open to doctoral students registered at the University of Bern and assistant professors  registered with a faculty who are preparing for habilitation but have no employment relationship. Bern University Hospital academic staff can become members if their responsibilities relate directly to the university. The minimum membership contribution for junior intermediate staff members (VAA) is CHF 40 per annum and CHF 50 for senior intermediate staff members (VDD). To become a member of the University of Bern intermediate staff association (MVUB), please complete the application form.

Membership benefits

With the annual membership subscription, all members of the University of Bern's intermediate staff can support and strengthen the activities of the MVUB. MVUB members can participate directly. They also receive:

  • Discounts when attending intermediate staff-specific and other courses
  • Free legal advice in connection with their work at the University (for people who have been a member of MVUB for at least three months)
  • Regular information via MVUB media
  • Representation on all university boards
  • Cooperation with the committee for the pool for promotion of early career researchers
  • Doctoral students who are MVUB members have access to the SUB social fund, which provides financial support in cases of urgent need.

Terminating membership

Membership can be terminated at any time by sending an e-mail to If you are attending a course for which you have received a discount, you still need to pay the membership contribution for the current year.