Organization Executive Board and Central Administration

Executive Board and Central Administration

Admissions Office (ZIB)

The Admissions Office assists you with all questions concerning admission to study at the University of Bern, semester registration, progression from bachelor to master studies and master to doctoral studies and removal from the student registry following graduation.

Our main tasks:

  • Support of over 19,000 students and doctoral candidates in connection with admission to study, initial registration, renewal of registration, leave of absence and removal from the student registry.
  • Processing of admission applications, particularly those of applicants from abroad
  • Provision of information for students with disabilities
  • Support of auditors
  • Provision of advice and information at the infopoint in the main building of the university, by telephone and by e-mail
  • Registration of exchange students
  • Invoicing and collection of tuition and semester fees
  • Supply of student data and degrees to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office
  • Archiving of student data
  • Maintenance of a web interface for the Dean's Office and institutes with student data
  • Information for the Dean's Office and institutes

Our services from A to Z

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for prospective students

The Admissions Office answers questions relating to studies, processes registrations/applications and confirms whether the student has been admitted or not. It also registers students, who are registered at another university and would like to complete part of their studies at the University of Bern because of an agreement.
The Admissions Office helps students with a disability with all the questions that arise before starting a degree course.


for students

The Admissions Office maintains the central database in which the students profiles and the students' study history are administered, processes requests to change subject, for leave of absence, deregistration and charges the tuition and semester fees.

for staff of the Dean's office, program coordinators and providers of academic student advice

Information on the interface with student data can be found in UNI INTERN. This domain is protected.