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Executive Board and Central Administration

Research Assessment

Within the framework of the standards set by the Swiss University Conference and the guidelines of the Center of Accreditation and Quality Assurance of the Swiss Universities (OAQ), research at the universities is included in the quality assurance and their output is assessed.

The results of research published since 2006 are recorded in a publications database by FACTScience and assessed using methods specific to the faculty involved. In addition, external funding, the training of early career researchers, cooperations or transfers play an important role in the assessment of research achievements.

Please address questions on faculty-specific research assessment and on the internal organization of data recording to the faculties' respective Q-Beauftragten or Q-Assistierenden.

Advisory services

The research assessment office advises the Q Commissions on the design of assessment systems and offers support with interpreting results.

Quality in research: research assessment


The research assessment office evaluates the results in accordance with the requirements of the faculties' assessment concepts and prepares the reports for the faculty and the institutes.

Quality in research: research assessment