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Dr. Homare Yamahachi

Deputy 3Rs Coordinator

Department of Animal Welfare

Postal Address
University of Bern
Vice-Rectorate Research
Hochschulstrasse 6
3012 Bern

I finished my Biology degree at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina before obtaining my PhD in Charles Gilbert lab at The Rockefeller University, USA. During my doctoral studies, I discovered that changes in sensory experience alter neuronal structural plasticity in vivo using viral vectors and two-photon microscopy. During my postdoc at the Moser lab in Norway, I studied how the brain computes space to navigate the world. I then studied social communication in birds with an emphasis on animal welfare in Richard Hahnloser’s lab at the University of Zurich and ETHZ.

Here, I am involved in coordinating the Principles of the 3Rs of Animal Experimentation (Replacement, Reduction, Refinement) within the University of Bern.

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