Organization Executive Board and Central Administration

Executive Board and Central Administration

Vice-Rectorate Quality

The Vice-Rectorate Quality supports members of the University in

  • promoting gender equality,
  • implementing sustainable development measures,
  • quality assurance and development.


The Office for Gender Equality advises and supports those specifically responsible as well as all members of the university in ensuring gender equality. It also offers a range of services for employees and students.

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Sustainable Development

The Coordination Office for Sustainable Development supports the integration of the cross-cutting issue of sustainability into all areas of the university (teaching, research, continuing education, public relations and operations) by encouraging, supporting and linking sustainability activities in these areas.

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Quality assurance and development

The Quality Office supports members of the university with quality assurance and development (QAD), promotes the quality culture and assists in the development and implementation of QAD measures. The Teaching Evaluation Office supports lecturers and faculties in conducting course evaluations. It offers assistance in designing surveys and helps to implement them. It is responsible for providing evaluations of the surveys to lecturers in a timely manner and for making reports to the faculties and the Executive Board of the University of Bern.

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Quality assurance and development

Coordination Office for Sustainable Development

Office for Gender Equality