Organization Executive Board and Central Administration

Executive Board and Central Administration

Office for Gender Equality

The university is committed to gender equality for men and women. It promotes the success of both men and women in academia with effective instruments of gender equality and career models.

The University of Bern thus has a Gender Equality Commission as well as an Office for Gender Equality and, in particular, pursues the following goals:

  • an appropriate proportion of both genders can be found at all levels
  • true equality of men and women is actively practiced by everyone
  • compatibility of study, professional and care commitments is possible for men and women
  • Gender research is a permanent feature embedded within the university

Courses and workshops

The course program of the Office for Gender Equality supplements the advanced training opportunities offered by the university and canton. It is aimed particularly at advanced up-and-coming academics as well as administrative staff, students and men and women with care duties.

Course Program of the Office for Gender Equality

Career and Mentoring Programmes

As an instrument of specific promotion of early career researchers, career and mentoring programmes motivate female academics to plan, and resolutely pursue, their academic career. The OGE coordinates the COMET Career Programme for female postdocs annually. 

Several faculties offer mentoring programmes.

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Family-friendly university

The University of Bern is committed to family-friendly work and study conditions. You will find information about childcare, services for parents and the regulations concerning parenthood and studying on our website.

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The University of Bern does not tolerate any discrimination or harassment. We are happy to advise you if you feel discriminated due to your gender, gender identity or sexual orientation. In the event of sexual harassment you can contact internal or external Counseling Service ( > contact points).

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We also offer individual counseling on topics like reconciliation of family and career, parenthood, gender-inclusive language or discrimination.

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