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Executive Board and Central Administration

University Continuing Education

Continuing education at the university is organized locally by faculties, institutes and the Continuing Education Commission (known locally as the WBK).

The WBK coordinates and supports continuing education at overall university level. It sets standards for continuing education courses and reviews these as part of study regulations approval. As an overall university commission, it ensures favorable general conditions, consistency and quality in continuing education.

The WBK's head office is the Centre for University Continuing Education (only available in German). The Centre supports and advises faculties and institutes regarding the development, delivery and evaluation of their continuing education.

University Continuing Education Commission organization

Coordinates and supports the Continuing Education Commission (WBK) at the University of Bern and continuing education offers, ensuring their quality.

Since November 1, 2014, Prof. Dr. Adrian Ritz has been the President of the Continuing Education Commission and delegate of the Executive Board of the University of Bern for continuing education.

University of Bern Continuing Education organization chart

The university's continuing education is established from the "bottom up". Continuing education courses or degree courses are mostly initiated by an institute or faculty.

This is before a degree course is approved by the Senate.


The positioning of continuing education

The University of Bern will extend its leading position in continuing education in the coming years in a way that is both targeted and needs-oriented. One of the aims is to supplement bachelor and master's degree courses, in terms of an education chain, with continuing educational courses. Continuing education aims to break new ground with the overall university research focuses and with offers for the region of Bern.

The brochure entitled "The positioning of continuing education" provides an overview of this topic.

Articles and reports

Texts on "University Continuing Education" can be found here.

Publications on University Continuing Education

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The "Documentation on Continuing Education 1990–2010" contains the key information regarding the first 20 years of continuing academic education at the University of Bern. The extract from the academic journal "UniPress" issue No. 146 offers a journalistic insight into the work of continuing education, with photographs by Alexander Egger from 2010.

Annual reports

Up to 2011, Continuing Education informed the University of Bern about its activity in the annual report. Since then, the Continuing Education report has been summarily included in the Vice-Rector's annual report. Since 2012, the journal "Weiterbildung" has also contained detailed information regarding the development of University Continuing Education.

Do you need information about degree programs or details about university continuing education? Are you searching for a study on the subject of "continuing education"? Communications officers at the Center for University Continuing Education are happy to help with your questions and will put you in touch with people to contact.

Press releases

Official announcements made regarding the university's continuing education are detailed below. Other more general articles and texts on the subject of "University Continuing Education" can be found in the "Publications" section.

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