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Virtual Exchange

The idea and hope behind the "Virtual Exchange" cooperation format is that online exchange could be a modern response to current challenges, such as advancing climate change or the current Covid 19 pandemic. Furthermore, these kinds of teaching formats could enable students who are unable to spend a semester abroad for personal reasons to gain an international experience "at home". Lecturers can use this format to test the use of innovative technologies in cooperation with an international partner and possibly initiate new collaborations.

The event should be characterized as follows:

  • At least two lecturers jointly run the course, one from UniBE and one from a partner university or a university, which might be an interesting partner for potential future collaborations.
  • While students can also meet physically on site, the encounter and dialog between Bernese students and students from the partner university takes place online.
  • It is a newly designed seminar (not a lecture) including interactive modules that lead to exchange and cooperation between students from both universities.
  • Each university awards ECTS points to its students.
  • The target group can be bachelor or master students (or both, but not PhDs).
  • Students at UniBE can have the course credited to their studies as a regular course.

For 2021, you have the possibility of acquiring 6 personnel points as support for the additional work in preparing such a format.

If you are interested, please use the Virtual Exchange application form.

Please send the application form to your faculty Dean – please note the faculty's internal deadline.

Dean's offices are requested to forward applications to the Vice Rectorate Development by November 15, 2021.

These Virtual Exchange seminars take place in 2021:

 Semester  Title Lecturers Cooperation partner
 KSL Number.
spring 2021
Management in Sportorganisationen  Dr. Christoffer Klenk (UniBE); Dr. Marcel Fahrner University of Tübingen (D) / Institut für Sportwissenschaft  8423
spring 2021
Online/offline Erforschung religiöser Gemeinschaften
 Ass. Prof. Dr. Andrea Rota (UniBE); Prof. Dr. Kerstin Radde-Antweiler University of Bremen (D) / Institut für Religionswissenschaft und-pädagogik  469490
autumn 2021
Zukunftsgestaltung in Krisenzeiten? Sozialanthropologische und wirtschaftshistorische Forschungsansätze zu aktuellen Herausforderungen von Globalisierung, Corona-Pandemie und hybrider Staatlichkeit Dr. Lene Faust (UniBE);  PD Dr. Christian Henrich-Franke
University of Siegen (D) / Plurale Ökonomik/ Wirtschaftsgeschichte
autumn 2021
Muss Strafe sein? Virtuelle Disputation über die Grundfrage jeder Strafrechtsordnung Prof. Dr. Martino Mona (UniBE); Prof. Dr. Benno Zabel University of Bonn (D) / Strafrechtliches Institut 473114
autumn 2021
One Hundred Years of Islamic Family Law Reform Prof. Dr. Serena Tolino (UniBE); Prof. Dr. Gianluca P. Parolin Aga Khan University (GB) / Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations (AKU-ISMC), London 471363