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Additional courses in English - EnglL

The courses should meet the following criteria:

  • taught in English
  • open to students from related disciplines
  • open to students on Bachelor and Master level
  • course content is relevant to both local and international students
  • interaction (discussions, teamwork, etc.) between students is an important pillar of the course concept
  • the course is not part of the department’s existing study program, but is offered in addition to it and is not a lecture
  • take place weekly or fortnightly
  • be preferably interdisciplinary

Each research center may hand in one, each faculty can hand in up to two proposals for such additional classes for 2022. The proposal should give the name of the teacher, the subject and the learning outcomes, and whether the course is held on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Please use the application form.

Proposals concerning fields and subjects in which few or no courses are taught in English, are especially welcome.

Please send the proposal to the dean of your faculty / the director of your research center. Deans / directors are expected to pass on applications by the 15 November 2021, so applicants need to check with their faculty what the deadline for internal submission is.

Application Form EnglL 2022

EnglL-Classes fall semester 2021