Organization Executive Board and Central Administration

Executive Board and Central Administration

Vice-Rectorate Development

The Vice-Rectorate Development strengthens the university's positioning and networks with other higher education institutions.

Furthermore the Vice-Rectorate Development reinforces collaboration with external partners and supports students and doctoral students with regard to their academic and professional career.

The Vice-Rectorate Development is divided into the following topics:

  • Internationalization
  • Promotion of Early Career Researchers and
  • Continuing Education

UniBE International

UniBE International implements the university's central internationalization activities, ensures the university's presence in the international university and research community, and implements the measures decided to achieve the university's internationalization goals.
UniBE International

Language Center for Instruction and Research Languages

Academic English Services

The English courses are aimed at Swiss and foreign students registered at the University of Bern. Academic English Services also coordinates the tandem learning for students and employees of the University of Bern for all languages.
Academic English Services

German as a Foreign Language     

The free German as a Foreign Language courses ranging from level A1-C2 (beginners to advanced level) are aimed at enrolled students and doctoral students of the University of Bern. Scientific staff may also participate for a course fee if there are enough free spots available. (Priority is given to students.) 
German as a Foreign Language

Promotion of Early Career Researchers

Graduate Schools and PhD programs

The doctoral degree is a precondition for an academic career but also qualifies holders for demanding roles in business and society. In addition to the traditional individual doctoral degree, various forms of structured doctoral degrees are available at the University of Bern:
Graduate Schools
Doctoral programs

Project: Transferable Skills

The project Transferable Skills offers PhD candidates and postdoctoral fellows of the University of Bern a changing program comprising topics such as project management, scientific writing and publishing, statistical data analysis and visualization, communication, time management, funding acquisition etc. The aim is to foster participants' employability and effectiveness of their research.
Transferable Skills

Career Service

The Career Service offers various courses to develop job hunting skills for students and doctoral students at the University of Bern and cooperates with commercial partners to prepare students for starting their professional careers.
Career Service      

University Continuing Education

Centre for University Continuing Education

The Centre for University Continuing Education of the University of Bern has already established an outstanding reputation in the transfer of knowledge and skills to the working environment and society with its comprehensive range of continuing education programs, courses, events and conferences.  The Centre for University Continuing Education is your point of contact for all questions concerning university continuing education.
Centre for University Continuing Education
Continuing Education Commission


Senior Citizens' University

The Senior Citizens' University of Bern offers its members a diverse program of lectures and other events.
Senior Citizens' University

Children's University

The lectures and follow-up events offered by the Children's University are open to children aged between eight and twelve. Participation is free of charge.
Children's University

With the Office of, the University of Bern is involved in promoting excellence in secondary schools.

Vice-Rector for Development

Secretariat Vice-Rectorate Development

UniBE International

Welcome Center

Language Center for Instruction and Research Languages

Graduate Schools and doctoral degree programs

Career Service

University Continuing Education

Senior Citizen's University

Children's University

In implementing the 2021 strategy the University of Bern promotes and supports the internationalisation process in all areas of university life: research, teaching, further education, administration and counselling. The strategy paper UniBE international articulates the aims of the university’s internationalisation programme.

Strategy paper UniBE international

The Vice-Rectorate Development has already taken steps toward achieving these aims.

Virtual Exchange

Online and international: The Vice-Rectorate supports five courses for 2022.

More information on curren virtual exchange seminars.

Additional courses in English - EnglL

The Vice-Rectorate Development is sponsoring six additional courses in English per year. The aim is to offer English-speaking exchange students a greater selection of courses. Encouraging the participation of international students in courses across the faculties also provides local students who are unable to study abroad with an international experience.

More information about the curren courses.


With funding from Stiftung Mercator Schweiz the University of Bern and the University of Technology Sydney are currently engaged in MILSA, a project that aims to develop a mentoring program for intercultural learning through study abroad. Specifically, students will be accompanied before, during and after their stay abroad in the framework of a mentoring program that will help them improve their intercultural communication skills.

More about MILSA