Organization Executive Board and Central Administration

Executive Board and Central Administration

We encourage curious young people, awaken their scientific talent and creativity, and we prove: Science is exciting.

10 associations and 380 volunteers organise workshops, camps, exams and competitions for over 5,000 talented young students in biology, chemistry, geography, informatics, linguistics, mathematics, philosophy, physics, robotics and economics.

We create encounters between young people and scientists. Together, they think, work - and laugh. 

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How it works


Phase 1 - The Warm-Up

Attend workshops, prepare individually, and take the first exam.

Phase 2 - The Training

Benefit from expert coaching and specialized camps – prepare for the national final.

Phase 3 - The Competition

All Swiss champions compete against each other - and for the tickets to the International Olympiads.

Phase 4 - The Victory

The best Swiss minds take the spotlight: they represent Switzerland at the International Olympiads in places such as Tehran, Beijing, Cluj-Napoca, or other metropolises around the world.

Taking part

The 10 Science Olympiads have joined together in the umbrella organisation 


Our 380 volunteers are mainly enthusiastic young students and researchers who invest many hours of their freetime and a lot of passion into our nationalwide programme. 

Head Office

Our head office, that collaborates closely with the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI), is domiciled at the University of Bern.


For questions, comments, registration or other requests: Please feel free to contact our team at the office. We will be happy to assist you. We are a well-rehearsed and interdisciplinary team - the "hub" of the Science Olympiad, so to speak.