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Academic English Services

Academic English Services offers courses and individual advice for members of the University of Bern.

Our English courses are for domestic and international students who are enrolled in a full bachelor, master or PhD degree course at the University of Bern. International exchange students registered for a semester at the University of Bern may also attend the courses. All courses are free of charge. In addition, Academic English Services offers individual advice on academic English for doctoral students and manages a Tandem language learning program for all languages.

Tandem is a method of improving language skills without attending a course. Each Tandem partner chooses the topics they would like to discuss in the Tandem sessions, deciding on their own learning methods and how they would like to proceed. Participants agree to meet regularly and to devote equal time to helping each other.

English courses

English courses run by Academic English Services (AES) are designed to provide language support for undergraduate and graduate students who need to understand, speak, and write English for their studies or academic careers. The courses are open to students who are matriculated at the University of Bern to study for a full degree. International exchange students may also attend these courses if they are registered at the University of Bern for an exchange semester. The courses are not open to incoming BENEFRI students or students studying at other universities or educational institutions in Switzerland.

Advice for doctoral students on academic or scientific English

Individual consultations on a paper or a presentation - a consultation package for doctoral students registered at the University of Bern.


Tandem learning is a learning partnership betwen two people with different mother tongues. The participants meet regularly to improve their language skills and also to learn something about each other's culture and country.


If you decide to study abroad, and if the language used at your exchange university is English, then there is a good chance that you will have to take either the TOEFL or IELTS to prove that your English is good enough.  Please contact your chosen university to find out if they require an English test and the pass score they request.