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The ombudsperson is the contact for all employees of the University of Bern. These should be able to turn to an independent instance in the event of conflicts arising from employment relationships. He or she works in complete independence from the bodies of the university.

Task and purpose

The ombudsperson can issue recommendations. He or she can offer advice, organize and attend discussions, mediate in the event of disputes and assist in the search for constructive solutions. However, the ombudsperson is not a judicial body. The recommendations of the ombudsperson can neither be contested legally, nor can they be referred in any other way to another instance. The possibility of launching proceedings at a later date in the matter brought before the ombudsperson is retained within the statutory framework.

The ombudsperson and the secretariat of the ombudsperson are bound to secrecy and have no obligation of disclosure to anyone. Access to files can only be granted with the express consent of the person(s) affected and the author(s).


Notifications must be submitted in writing or by e-mail, normally within 30 days since the (most recent) incident. Following the receipt of notification, the ombudsperson will seek dialog with the applicant (by telephone or in person) in order to clarify the problem, responsibility and possible courses of action.

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