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Executive Board and Central Administration

IT Services Office

The IT Services Office (ID) offers a wide range of IT-related services, support and advice. It supports students, central administration staff and the institutes' IT managers.

We are responsible for planning and installation, and for ensuring uninterrupted, secure operation of the entire wired and wireless network.

We provide services in the areas of hosting, server maintenance, server virtualization, storage services, authentication infrastructure and groupware. Its areas of responsibility include installation and maintenance of administration software. We also manage and provide support for IT projects and oversees the central PC/Mac pool and teaching rooms.

The Servicedesk team answers IT-related questions and provides information on all of the IT services provided.

A–Z of our services

All services marked with can be found in the Uni Internal Area.

  • Authentication
  • Access restriction
  • Campus backup/archive
  • Content management system (CMS)
  • Campus storage NAS
  • Digital certificates
  • Mailinglists
  • MFA (multi factor authentication)
  •  Network
  • Projector hire
  • Research storage
  • Software for institutes
  • Software for employees
  • Third-party domain hosting
  • Virtual infrastructure
  • Web hosting
  • WiFi cards

Head of Office


Development and projects group

Infrastructure group

System services group

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Business IT group

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Help desk group



The administrative department is responsible for quality-, process- and risk management and supports the departmental administration in various administrative tasks. The Secretary's Office handles administrative work, in particular that relating to HR and financial matters.


Development and Projects group

The Development and Projects Group runs central applications, develops interfaces to external applications and university applications and manages IT projects. The Group provides the following services:

  • Development and operation of interfaces and applications based on JavaEE, JBoss Application Server and Middleware
  • Running the central applications PARIS (Partner Information System), KSL (Core System Teaching), Studis (Student Administration), UNICARD, Uniprint
  • Project management of IT projects

Infrastructure group

The Group infrastructure is responsible for the hardwired and wireless network at the University of Bern. Ensuring an uninterrupted communication environment includes:

  • Upgrade, coordination and installation of cabling
  • Network security and support for firewalls and VPN systems
  • Monitoring the operation with a monitoring and logging infrastructure
  • Continuous monitoring of the infrastructure for weaknesses
  • Support for various basis network services such as Web-Proxy, Nameservices, etc.
  • Advice to institutions regarding security measures to protect data in the technical domain

System services group

The Group's system services runs central systems and system services, particularly:

  • Campus Groupware based on Exchange (e-mail, calendar, memos, address book)
  • Campus directory based on Active Directory (Campus Account, authentication)
  • Campus storage and cloud storage
  • Virtual infrastructure based on VMware® (virtual server, hosting)
  • External domain hosting and Web hosting
  • High Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Campus backup and archive

Business IT group

The Business IT group provides support and advice to IT managers on:

  • Planning
  • Procurement
  • Operation of PC- and Mac-based installations

They assist with:

  • Fault resolution
  • Implementation of new technologies in institutes and departments
  • Support and update of various central Windows servers

The Group Operating IT supports staff and associated IT systems in the following departments:

  • Central Administration
  • University libraries
  • Medical Deanery
  • Economics and Social Sciences Deanery
  • Various freely accessible PC and Mac pool rooms and three training rooms


The Helpdesk group supports the Helpline and the Helpdesk. It acts as a central point of contact for IT managers, students and staff at the University of Bern for any questions they may have regarding services and IT services. We also offer technical support for applications with direct customer contact.

It also offers support for applications with direct customer contact, particularly:

  • Campus Account Management
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Operation of electronic forms (eForms)
  • Conference Administration (KAS)
  • Software portal (Portal for ordering software)
  • Podcasting (University of Bern podcast system)
  • UNICARD (replacement card issue)
  • Issue of digital certificates

You can e-mail the Group Helpdesk:

Federal VET Diploma in IT system engineering

Since 1999 the IT Services Department (ID) provides training to IT apprentices with a focus in system engineering. A variety of tasks available such as; IT infrastructure, and operating systems administration.  Experienced staff provide an ideal environment for a well-founded basic vocational education.

All courses will be held in German. Further information can be found under the following link: