Organization Alumni UniBE

Added value

Networking and staying in touch

You will also stay in touch with your fellow students in future. Through the alumni portal and your personal e-mail forwarding address.

Experiencing events

You will benefit from reduced-rate, free-of-charge or exclusive tickets to events. And: You will be sent announcements of these events.

Keeping up to date

You will receive newsletters with information about alumni services and offers. And: You will receive free access to the university's publications.

Keeping knowledge up to date and continuing education

You will receive information on opportunities for continuing your education, you will be able to develop your entrepreneurial skills or join business-related language programs.

Using discounts

You will benefit from a range of discounts covering leisure activities, health insurance, culture, media, insurance and many more.

Benefiting from the package as a whole

By joining, you can save up to CHF 120.00 and more and receive de facto free access to the Alumni UniBE network.