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An attractive Employer

The University of Bern is a university offering a full range of courses and has eight different faculties. People from more than 90 countries work together here in a whole range of occupations.

Our employees teach, carry out research and generally ensure the running of the university. They also carry out services for the general public.

Which is why we have a correspondingly diverse range of job vacancies. On the one hand, we offer professional perspectives to those working in academia, ranging from Astronomy through the Arts to Dental Medicine. On the other hand, we employ highly qualified specialists. Here too, there is a wide range which, apart from commercial positions, also offers jobs looking after animals, working in a lab or in building services.

The University of Bern feels it is very important to give young people a good start to their professional lives. This is why we train young people in a range of professions and also offer students interesting positions in institutes or centrally as a student assistant.

The University of Bern creates the perfect conditions for outstanding performance. We encourage a personal and obliging culture of collaboration and promote ambition and individual responsibility. Our employees have a great amount of freedom and are also well integrated in their environment. As a social employer we promote everyone's well-being and respect their personal integrity. Knowledge is dear to our employees' hearts. Curiosity, initiative and a sense of quality determine their everyday professional life. They hold each other in high esteem and recognize the others' talents and abilities. An important focus in all our activities is our responsibility toward society.

The modern spirit of the University of Bern is at home in a traditional environment. In a central location, new and historical buildings are spread across an entire neighborhood that has nevertheless remained familiar. Regardless of the age of the buildings, we offer a modern infrastructure everywhere. Our workplaces can be reached easily and quickly from all over Switzerland on public transport.

The University of Bern promotes an open communication culture for dedicated, loyal employees. We are a social employer. You can rely on us even in difficult situations – with changes at the workplace as well as personal challenges.

We actively promote:

  • A good working climate with working relationships based on partnership, characterized by mutual respect, with attractive conditions and fair salaries.
  • Health with good ergonomic conditions at the workplace. And with our extensive Unisport range offering more than 150 different activities.
  • The reconcilability of job and private life with flexible working models and part-time positions, teleworking, maternity and paternity leave as well as a childcare service.
  • Equal opportunities for men and women in every respect. We also strive to have an appropriate proportion of both genders at all levels.
  • The professional and personal further development of the employees. We support great commitment and dedication and encourage employees in their professional development.


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