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Areas of Activity & Requirements

A place of pioneering spirit and a birthplace of new ideas

The University of Bern is a university offering a full range of courses and has eight different faculties. People from more than 90 countries work together here in a whole range of occupations. They teach, carry out research and generally ensure the running of the university. They also carry out services for the general public.

Which is why we have a correspondingly diverse range of job vacancies. On the one hand, we offer professional perspectives to those working in academia, ranging from Astronomy through the Arts to Dental Medicine. On the other hand, we employ highly qualified specialists. Here too, there is a wide range which, apart from commercial positions, also offers jobs looking after animals, working in a lab or in building services.

The University of Bern feels it is very important to give young people a good start to their professional lives. This is why we train young people in a range of professions and also offer students interesting positions in institutes or centrally as a student assistant.