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People working at the University of Bern are employees of the canton of Bern and as such benefit from the attractive conditions offered by this public employer.

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With a 42-hour week (full time) and at least 5 weeks' vacation a year, modern working time models and a fair pay scale, working at the University of Bern is attractive. The University of Bern is interested in active employees. We allow private engagements and secondary employment providing they are reconcilable with your position at the university.

If you have a full-time position, the University of Bern works a 42-hour week. With flexible working time models and the possibility to work part time or job share, we make it easier for you to balance your professional and personal life. A central feature of this is the model of an annual working time which provides the necessary freedom. Teleworking is another way of making your work more flexible. Longer periods of absence are also possible at the University of Bern. They can be compensated either as unpaid vacation or with credit from your long-term annual leave account in which vacation days and public holidays you have not taken can be collected.

Our salaries are based on the system of the staff of the canton of Bern. To assess what a fair salary is, the requirements of the particular position itself as well as the experience and age of the person carrying out the job are taken into consideration. This salary is not gender-specific. An annual increase in salary depends on individual performance at the workplace as well as available funding. The social insurance package from the University of Bern reflects the legal standard. This includes all standard precautionary benefits, a daily allowance insurance in the case of sickness as well as an accident insurance that also covers non-occupational cases.

People from more than 90 countries teach and carry out research at the University of Bern. We are always keen to receive interesting applications from abroad. It is not nationality that is important to us, but whether a person fits in. If you start working here or come as a visiting scholar, the institutes and offices help you apply for all necessary (work) permits.

Apart from legal matters in terms of employment, further steps are necessary so that people coming to Switzerland from abroad can integrate quickly. The Welcome Center of the University of Bern is the central information and advisory service for this. The Center can help you find somewhere to live, help you with any language difficulties you many have as well as the many other challenges you might be facing.

Welcome Center

The University of Bern offers its employees a large range of discounts. Childcare and university sport also feature on the list. Employees in possession of a UNICARD have access to these and many other services.

Discounts for employees: UNICARD