Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee: One of the fastest team games on grass. Equally popular with women and men, Ultimate is very suitable for playing in mixed teams.

Both trainings are led by two experienced trainers in order to optimally support and support the participants at all levels. Entry into this great sport is possible with the “Ultimate Frisbee B” (Basic) offer, ideally at the beginning of each phase. No previous experience is required. Regular participation is desirable in order to be able to further develop technique and tactics. Advanced players who want to further optimize their technique are also looked after in the “Ultimate Frisbee B” offer.

«Ultimate Frisbee» is open to everyone who has previous experience or who has already attended some basic training courses. In this training, personal technique is developed, tactics and game systems are taught and played.

For complementary training, the Studersteinpark is equipped with Disc Golf baskets. The required equipment can be lend in Centre for Sport and Sport Science (ZSSw).

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