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Learn to defend yourself, size up hazardous situations and respond correctly in each case.

The tendency towards violence just keeps on rising. Whether in a car park, at an inn or festival, on a walk or even at the mall, nowadays you're not safe from assaults or aggression. It's becoming increasingly important to be able to defend yourself in emergency situations as you can't rely on help from others. The fact is that more and more people just look away, preferring to run off than go to the aid of someone in need. When things get serious, the right move or a skillful defensive maneuver may save your life – or possibly that of someone else.

Training in self-defense will help you keep your nerve in critical situations, assess the circumstances calmly and not rush into an incorrect response. It will reduce the tendency to just do nothing ("paralyzed by fear") while teaching you how to look ahead to avoid trouble. We use practical instruments from the field of combat sport and self-defense to become aware of our own strength and train new, successful patterns of behavior. With effective techniques, body control and physical fitness anyone can learn how to defend themselves, discover new energy and reduce stress levels.

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