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Coronavirus: Information on university sports operations

Update August 27, 2021, 1 p.m.

On August 26, 2021, the university management decided that all activities that take place within the framework of the university - with the exception of teaching at Bachelor's and Master's level - will be subject to a Covid certificate from Wednesday, September 1. However, the repeal of the mask requirement and the distance rules for sports (outdoor and indoor) remain in place. In order to ensure contact tracing, online registration is necessary for all managed university sports offers.

A specific protection concept is necessary for carrying out sports activities in University Sports Bern. This ensures that sports and exercise activities can take place within the framework of the applicable overriding protective measures in University Sports Bern. The protection concept of university sports and the external partners as well as the hygiene recommendations of the BAG must be adhered to. The protection concept provides, among other things, the following:

  • Training without symptoms: Athletes and training managers with symptoms of illness are not allowed to participate in training.
  • Compulsory mask wear: Please note that the mask must still be worn indoors (including cloakrooms) up to the place where you can practice your sport. Used masks must be disposed of or stowed in your own baggage.
  • When doing sports (outdoor and indoor), it is not necessary to wear a mask, even if the distance of 1.5m cannot be maintained (contact tracing). A mask no longer has to be worn outside the ZSSw.
  • Principle «Recover - Vaccinated - Tested»: The principle «Recover - Vaccinated - Tested »by the federal government. Unisport demands and assumes that one of the three points must be met or completed before the course begins. 

    - Recovery: Isolation order or cancellation of the same by the canton, not older than 6 months.

    Vaccinated: Vaccination card or confirmation of vaccination (only valid from the date of the second vaccination +14 days).

    - Tested: PCR test not older than 48h or rapid test in the pharmacy not older than 48h or self-test that was carried out at home immediately before the course. Self-tests can be obtained or purchased free of charge in a pharmacy by showing the health insurance card.
  • Personal hygiene: Those who do sports have to wash their hands before and after training. to disinfect. For the fitness training you have to bring your own towel so that you can sit and lie on, maternity or maternity wear. Cover the ground.
  • Cloakrooms, showers and toilets are available in the sports facilities. However, Unisport recommends that you have already moved and arrive shortly before training and that you shower at home after training.
  • Professional cleaning concept of the University of Bern: The rooms used are cleaned daily, frequently used areas and places several times.

The following provisions also apply to university sports:

  • Online registration is required for all guided university sports activities (excluding individual training in the ZSSw and vonRoll fitness rooms). Enrollment takes place online. The registration window opens 22 hours before the start of the offer. Registrations are possible up to 30 minutes and cancellations up to 60 minutes before the start of the offer.
  • Online registration is no longer necessary for individual training in the ZSSw fitness room and in the vonRoll fitness room. Access is controlled by a traffic light system directly at the entrance. You can see the current occupancy rate at any time from our crowd monitor. Since online registration is no longer applicable, you have to leave your contact details on site in a registration list or enter them using the "Mindful" app. You can find the crowd monitor, the opening times and everything else you need to know about your visit to the ZSSw and vonRoll fitness room here.
  • Spontaneous participation in a university sport offer is only possible if the maximum occupancy of the selected university sport offer has not yet been reached at the time the training starts. Surplus university athletes will be turned away on site.
  • The outdoor facilities of the Center for Sport and Sport Science (ZSSw) are open for individual training. In the ZSSw, the beach volleyball fields (only with online registration), the bouldering block, the artificial turf field, the tennis wall, the all-weather tennis court (only with online registration) and the table tennis table are available to you.
  • The sauna in the ZSSw is expected to open again on September 20, 2021
  • The Unisport Secretariat is open Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.
  • You can find all the news about university sports on our website and social media channels.