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Coronavirus: Information on university sports operations

Update January 5th, 2022, 3 p.m.

Due to the epidemic, the Federal Council ordered further tightening for sport on December 17th, which will apply from Monday, December 20th, 2021 to January 24th, 2022 for the time being. For university sports, this means that, in addition to the previous measures, the COVID 2G certificate is now mandatory for all participants and indoor mask wear is mandatory everywhere and at all times (including during sports activities). When visiting Unisport, it is only allowed to wear hygiene masks / medical face masks. Cloth masks, on the other hand, are no longer permitted because they offer too little protection.

In general, you need a valid COVID 2G certificate (fully vaccinated or recovered) to participate in guided and free Unisport offers (including massage offers) and to attend Unisport events. A COVID 2G + certificate is required for some sports and service offers (e.g. swimming, canoeing, eskimo, individual martial arts and visiting the sauna), as it is not possible to practice these sports with a mask. If you need a COVID 2G + certificate for a sports offer, this is explicitly stated on the website. Please note that you do not need any additional negative test evidence if the vaccination or recovery was a maximum of 120 days ago.

You have to show your COVID certificate either at the entrance during the access control or at the beginning of the training together with a valid UNICARD or a valid university sports card. Vaccination certificate and vaccination booklet are not accepted. On external facilities such as indoor swimming pool, climbing hall, tennis center, etc., the entrance control is ensured by the facility operator. In addition to a valid COVID certificate, an official ID must also be presented on external systems.

Participants who cannot show a valid COVID certificate will be rejected.

A specific protection concept is necessary for carrying out sports activities in University Sports Bern. This ensures that sports and exercise activities can take place within the framework of the applicable overriding protective measures in University Sports Bern. The protection concept of university sports and the external partners as well as the hygiene recommendations of the BAG must be adhered to. The protection concept provides, among other things, the following:

  • Training without symptoms: Participants and training managers with symptoms of illness are not allowed to participate in training.
  • COVID certificate obligation: A valid COVID certificate (vaccinated, recovered) is required for participation in guided and free university sports offers (indoor and outdoor) including sauna and massage offers as well as for attending university events (indoor and outdoor). In most cases (indoor, travel by Unisportbus, sports activities lasting several days) a 2G certificate (vaccinated or recovered) is required, in some cases even a 2G + certificate (vaccinated or recovered and additional negative test evidence). As before, a 3G certificate is only approved for outdoor sports activities without a joint unisport bus journey.
  • Compulsory mask wear: Please note that the mask (approved: hygiene masks / medical face masks, not approved: cloth masks) must be worn anywhere and anytime indoors. The mask may only be taken off while showering. Participation in indoor sports without a mask is only permitted with mask dispensing confirmed by the university's company doctor (mask dispensing procedure).
  • You do not need to wear a mask when doing outdoor sports. Both before and after, as well as during sports, regardless of the distance rule.
  • For all university sports offers (including fitness rooms), you need to provide your contact details. Online registration or on-site contact details are required for the training. 
  • Personal hygiene: Those who do sports have to wash their hands before and after training. to disinfect. For the fitness training you have to bring your own towel so that you can sit and lie on, maternity or maternity wear. Cover the ground.
  • Cloakrooms, showers and toilets are available in the sports facilities. However, Unisport recommends that you have already moved and arrive shortly before training and that you shower at home after training.
  • Professional cleaning concept of the University of Bern: The rooms used are cleaned daily, frequently used areas and places several times.

The following provisions also apply to university sports:

  • Access for individual training in the ZSSw fitness room and in the vonRoll fitness room is controlled by a traffic light system directly at the entrance. You can see the current occupancy rate at any time from our crowd monitor. On site, you have to leave your contact details in a registered enrollment list or enter them using the "Mindful" app (entry when entering and leaving). You can find the crowd monitor, the opening times and everything else you need to know about your visit to the ZSSw and vonRoll fitness room here.
  • Spontaneous participation in a university sport offer is only possible if the maximum occupancy of the selected university sport offer has not yet been reached at the time the training starts. Surplus participants will be turned away on site.
  • The outdoor facilities of the Center for Sport and Sport Science (ZSSw) are open for individual training. In the ZSSw, the beach volleyball fields (only with online registration), the bouldering block, the artificial turf field, the tennis wall, the all-weather tennis court (only with online registration) and the table tennis table are available to you.
  • The sauna in the ZSSw is open. Admission only with COVID certificate 2G +. No test certificate is required if vaccination or recovery was not more than 120 days ago.
  • The Unisport Secretariat is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Regulations for any reimbursements: If you can no longer participate in a course due to switching from 3G to 2G, we will inform you on this website as soon as possible about how to proceed.
  • You can find all the news about university sports on our website and social media channels.