Campus Account, SWITCH edu-ID

Students and employees at the University of Bern receive a Campus Account for the registration to all campus-account-enabled applications. A SWITCH edu-ID is required for registration at the University Library.

Campus Account

Campus Account

The Campus Account is the key to electronic facilities at the University of Bern. It gives students and employees access to the protected network and many services.



The SWITCH edu-ID is a digital identity for accessing resources in the university environment. At the University of Bern, the SWITCH edu-ID is required for access to the applications of the University Library.

Please note

Campus Account Syntax

Different user names

If you have any questions, please contact our Servicedesk!

Note that different services require different user names:

Service  user name
 ILIAS  campusaccount
 KSL  campusaccount 
 Mail client or campus\campusaccount
 Softwareshop  campusaccount
 Uniprint  campusaccount
 University Library Bern  SWITCH edu-ID
 VPN  campusaccount
 Webmail  campusaccount