Campus and Infrastructure IT Services

Campus Account

The campus account is the electronic account providing all students and staff at the University of Bern with standard access to an increasing number of applications.

The campus account can be used to register for all campus-account-enabled applications by means of a single username and password.

How do eligible members get a campus account?

Students automatically receive a campus account when they register. For staff, the relevant account manager submits a request and sends the information to the member of staff by post. An account form is available online (german only) for staff of the central department. For employees of the central sector there is an online account application form available.

For more informations consult the directives (PDF-File).

Please note

Different user names

Note that different services require different user names:

Service  user name
 ILIAS  campusaccount
 KSL  campusaccount 
 Mail client or campus\campusaccount
 Softwareshop  campusaccount
 Uniprint  campusaccount
 VPN  campusaccount
 Webmail  campusaccount