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Information event

Introduction to lecture recording and video in higher education

At the information event you will receive details on the production and provision of podcasts and learning videos. Furthermore we will show you which possibilities ILIAS offers to work with videos in your courses.

You will receive answers to the following questions and more:

  • Lecture recordings: What do I have to do to record my lectures? How can I edit these recordings and make them available to my students? What about legal aspects?
  • Production of learning videos: How can I produce my own learning videos in the form of screencasts? Whitch technical equipment and software do I need?
  • Video annotation: How can I or my students comment videos in ILIAS and how can I use this possibility in my course or in my research project?
  • Individual training mode: When I have footage of my students, how can I respect their right to their own image?


Next meeting

Here you will find the next Introductions to lecture recordings and video in higher education.