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From lecture recordings and specially produced educational films to the analysis of videographic case studies - courses and workshops on the use of videos in higher education teaching are listed here.

Current courses

Our current courses and workshops are constantly being updated and linked with announcements and registration modalities. We are also happy to provide links to other courses on the topic, which are held in cooperation with the University Didactics Department.

Übersicht Schulungen
 8th - 12th August 2022 3rd Summer Academy "Evidence-based Teaching in Digital Times" Which psychology of learning effects form the basis of learning success? How can these effects be enhanced by digital means? Through short lectures and illustrative exercises, the relevant findings from the psychology of learning and memory are brought to life. They link these with known factors of effective teaching and, together with our experts, reflect the use of digital means in your teaching situations. At the end you will have a concept for your course.
 15th - 19th August 2022 4th Swiss Maker Week: Using videos in higher education teaching
A summer academy to produce digital learning materials (mainly videos) and to plan your digitally enhanced teaching. Get advice from experts and be inspired by like-minded people. Information and registration link will follow.
 September 2022 Crash course: Create screencasts with "Camtasia" After a short introduction to the screencast software "Camtasia", you will learn helpful tips and tricks for working with "Camtasia" and where to find further video tutorials and support. More information and registration link will follow.
 September 2022 Video in higher education: Didactical application scenarios and related tools You will get an overview of different scenarios of using video in higher education and learn more about the tools that support you in implementing the scenarios. Further information and registration link will follow.
 September 2022 Introduction Podcast & Livestreaming We will show you the possibilities offered by the podcast system of the University of Bern. Get to know the new procedure for recording lectures and the points to be observed. Further information and registration link will follow.
 January/February 2023 Maker Days: "Videos for university teaching" In this two-day course you will create your own learning videos under competent guidance, plan their integration into your course and exchange ideas with like-minded people. Further information and registration link will follow.

Courses on demand

Courses on demand are designed to provide individual support and training upon request. Please contact us to arrange a suitable appointment. Both individuals and groups of people can be trained. Register for a course on demand directly by email to

Plan and create learning videos
You create your own learning video from the idea to the script to the production. You will receive important tips and get to know the appropriate hardware and software. 
Using Inverted Classroom in university teaching
You will get to know the concept of "Inverted Classroom" and will be supported in the creation of materials to accompany self-study up to the design of activities for the attendance phase.
Analyse videos online
You get to know the video analysis tool on ILIAS, get to know its application scenarios for teaching and research and develop your own teaching/learning scenario based on it.
 Communicate via video Learn the most important points to consider when organizing online courses, web conferencing, and online collaboration, and how to make use of advanced Zoom features