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Registering/de-registering for performance checks

The study profile sheet is the University of Bern's teaching administration system and is therefore also used to manage grades, student progress, degrees and certificates.

Core teaching system (CTS)

The students can register for examinations in the Core teaching system (CTS) directly.

In the first courses of the semester, lecturers announce the terms of the course and the performance checks. Students normally register for performance checks via the study profile sheet. If the lecturers choose this option, registrations/de-registrations in the Core teaching system (CTS) are legally binding. In administrative terms, registration/de-registration in the study profile sheet is only permitted  within the relevant period.


Students wishing to complete their studies (bachelor, master, PhD) normally submit an application for the degree to the Dean's Office responsible for the major. Degrees are only managed in one system. For anyone with a degree in ePUB, the grades will, as far as possible, be transferred to the locked box in Core teaching system (CTS) to avoid a double recognition in the master's. The degree itself will not, however, be reproduced in the Core teaching system (CTS).



Registrations/de-registrations in the study profile sheet are legally binding. Grades in the study profile sheet are only legally valid once announced. With regard to eligibility in a study program, the study profile sheet cannot take all exceptions into consideration. Relevant details must be checked using RSL, SP and annex. Degrees must always be confirmed by the Dean's Office and are only valid once the relevant certificates/diplomas have been presented.