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Registering/de-registering for courses

You generally register for courses via the Core Teaching System. Some institutes do not adopt this procedure and use other systems and methods for course registration (e.g. ILIAS). If in doubt, ask your institute how to register for their courses.

Students can register and de-register for courses via the Core teaching system (CTS). Furthermore, the services charged can be assigned to the desired blocks in the plan view. The course catalog can be used to search for a specific course. It shows all the courses at the University of Bern together with the relevant information: who organizes and supervises the course, time and place and much more.


There are two means of accessing the study profile sheet

Particularities of individual institutes with regard to the registration procedure can be found in the institutes guidelines. Otherwise, contact the support service or the relevant institute.

  • The TAS support service is responsible for administrative problems relating to the Core teaching system (CTS).
  • You can primarily obtain purely technical information from the academic student advice service of the relevant department.
  • Specific questions relating to courses, registration and de-registration deadlines etc. should be addressed to the person providing the course. This information can be found in the course catalog.
  • If you are unsure who is responsible for your administrative concerns, our support service is a good point of contact. If necessary, we obtain information from other organizations of the University of Bern or forward your concerns to the relevant authority.


Core teaching system (CTS) video

If anything is unclear with regard to the registration procedure, the Core teaching system (CTS) introduction for students provides additional assistance.

For Students and Interested Persons

Download Flyer CTS and ILIAS

The two central systems CTS and ILIAS are linked via an interface, so that enrolments of students from KSL can be transferred to the ILIAS courses. Read more about both systems and their interaction in the flyer.

Flyer CTS and ILIAS (en) (PDF, 839KB)

Registering via ILIAS

Students can join an ILIAS course to obtain the accompanying course materials. An ILIAS course also has a registration function that can be used to register for the course (exception: registration is governed by the study profile sheet, see note below).

What do I do?

To register for an ILIAS course, you must

  1. know where the ILIAS course is filed,
  2. know if you require a course password to join the course and
  3. whether you have to comply with a specific registration period.

You should obtain all information referring to this from the course coordinator or from the institute. Whenever possible, the procedure will be illustrated on the institute's website, made available shortly before the beginning of the course or communicated during the first course.


Exception: The study profile sheet governs course registration

If your course is announced in the public course catalog (study profile sheet), admission to the ILIAS course may be organized via registration in the study profile sheet. Read the information in the “Unsure?” tab on this matter.

Joining an ILIAS course

In principle, three different admission procedures are possible in ILIAS:

1. “Direct registration”

You can join an ILIAS course directly via Actions » Join.

2. “Admission with course password”

You will be given the admission password for the ILIAS course in advance or at the beginning of the course by the course coordinator. You can enter the course password and gain access via Actions » Join.

3. “Admission with application”

You can complete and send a request form via Actions » Join. The course administration then takes a decision concerning your admission.



Ask your institute

The institutes decide how you have to register for a course. If anything is unclear, ask your institute directly.

Registration via ILIAS or study profile sheet?

Are you are unsure whether you must register for your course via the study profile sheet or if you can join an ILIAS course directly?

Step 1

Check if the course is announced in the study profile sheet: open course list KSL.