Tools and Work Aids For lecturers

Evaluate courses and interact with the plenum

Lecturers at the University of Bern receive support in the evaluation of their courses. Employees and researchers at the University of Bern receive support in the conception and technical implementation of online surveys. React interactively with your audience by incorporating activating questions into your presentation via LiveVoting.


To evaluate your own course or parts of it you can use the tool "Survey" in your own ILIAS course. This evaluation serves exclusively as personal feedback and is not used by the University of Bern for quality assurance. Course-specific questions can be asked and the time and duration of the evaluation can be freely chosen.

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Interact with your audience by including engaging questions in your presentation. Audience activation makes particular sense for events with many participants or for a longer speech.

Two tools are available for this purpose at the University of Bern.

ILIAS Live Voting


In ILIAS, you can set up Live Votings either in your own ILIAS course or in an ILIAS workgroup.

The audience can vote via smartphone or another Internet-enabled device with or without login.

Therefore, Live Votings can be used by lecturers, staff, or even students not only in class but also at lectures and conferences.

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where you can create your own Live Votings.

More information about the Live Voting

Live Voting manual


The University of Bern is embarking on what is expected to be a 2-year pilot with Mentimeter.

Like the ILIAS Live Voting tool, Mentimeter allows anonymous polling with simultaneous presentation of results.

For example, you can ask the audience a question in a lecture and display the result using a projector.

While an ILIAS Live Voting is controlled via the browser, Mentimeter can also be integrated into PowerPoint (addin installation required) and offers more question types and functions.

More information and support for Mentimeter;


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