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Fall semester 2023

Here are the deadlines and the dates of the course evaluations in the current semester.

Type of evaluation Registration via  Deadline Default period for data collection
(Voluntary) Interim evaluation Registration form **
October 6, 2023* Starting October 9, 2023
Final evaluation KSL November 10, 2023* Starting November 27, 2023
Final evaluation with supplementary module(s)  or special cases KSL + registration form November 10, 2023* Starting November 27, 2023
Evaluation of performance assessment KSL November 24, 2023*
Starting December 4, 2023

*or at least 1 week prior to the evaluation date, if the survey is scheduled outside of the default period for data collection. For evaluation outside of the default periodes, please get in touch with the Evaluation Office

** the registration form for Interim evaluation is only available until the registration deadline. For later registration, please get in touch with