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Safety first!   

Although everyone taking part in TANDEM is either a student or a member of staff at the University of Bern or its partner institutions, it is good to be cautious and arrange your first face-to-face meeting in a public place. Avoid giving away too many personal details until you feel comfortable with your TANDEM partner, and choose to meet in a restaurant or café.

Work out TANDEM rules that both partners can keep.

Decide on your goals.  Ask yourself what you want to gain from your TANDEM experience.

  • Why do I want to improve my language skills?
  • Which skills would I like to improve and how do I want to proceed?
  • Which topics interest me?
  • Which subjects interest my TANDEM partner?
  • How do I learn best?
  • Be fair. Reserve an equal amount of time for each language, e.g. one hour of German and one hour of French, and try not to mix the languages.
  • Set aside regular times for your TANDEM sessions and make every attempt not to cancel at the last minute.
  • If concentrating on speaking skills, decide when and how you want to be corrected (always / often / only for serious mistakes) and keep a diary of your progress.
  • Prepare for your TANDEM sessions. Bring the materials you need, e.g. newspapers, pictures and articles, and keep a record of your meetings in the form of a TANDEM diary.

And don't forget to have fun... 

You are not a teacher, but a learning partner. You don’t need to know everything about your native language such as grammar rules, etc.  TANDEM is a method of practicing your chosen language in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere without the pressure of exams. So, enjoy!

This is how your TANDEM diary might look...