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What is TANDEM language learning?

What is TANDEM language learning?

TANDEM learning is a learning partnership between two people with different mother tongues. The participants meet regularly or communicate via chat lines (for e.g. FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, etc.) to improve their language skills and to learn something about each other's culture and country.

Learn at your own pace

Set your own goals and develop your learning strategies together with your TANDEM partner. TANDEM is based on autonomous learning, and all TANDEM partner choose how they would like to move forward, deciding on their own learning strategies and the material or topics they want to cover.

How often?

Regular TANDEM sessions are recommended - the more you practice your language skills, the more you benefit. You can opt for face-to-face sessions or communicate via chat lines in a form of distance learning - the choice is yours. Participation in TANDEM is independent of any university-run language courses and there are no set rules - just agree the form and method of communication with your TANDEM partner.

Who can participate?

The TANDEM learning platform is open only to students currently matriculated and to members of staff employed by the University of Bern as for its partner institutions.  In order for your TANDEM to work well, please offer only those languages in which you are capable of fluent oral conversation (level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). For the languages you are looking for, we recommend a basic knowledge (level A1, better A2).As a TANDEM partner is unlikely to be a trained language teacher, the program is unsuitable for complete beginners.