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European language portfolio


Keep a language portfolio while attending a course and also following on from that.

What is the European Language Portfolio (ELP)?

The ELP is an individual collection of documents with which you can continuously document your knowledge in (foreign) languages. These include, e.g., certificates, diplomas and pieces of work in foreign languages.

These documents and texts are collected in a special folder which is divided into three parts:

1: Language pass and documents

Your current level of knowledge in a language is recorded in the language pass and the corresponding certificates and confirmations are stored here.

2: Language biography

The language biography is used to document the history of how you learned a language, your attendance of language courses and important linguistic and intercultural experiences. This part also contains detailed checklists for self-assessment of language capabilities.

3: Dossier

You can collect all kinds of personal work in different languages in the dossier.