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Consultations for PhD students

Individual advice on academic or scientific English, a package for doctoral students at the University of Bern

Sessions of individual consultation

Academic English Services (AES) is offering a package of three 45-minute sessions of individual consultation to doctoral students matriculated at the University of Bern.

During each session, we can:

  • comment on a text you are currently writing
  • observe and give feedback on a presentation rehearsal.

A package can involve a combination of these, depending on your needs. For instance, a student preparing a research paper for submission may send a portion of their text for analysis and commentary. This may be followed by an individual consultation to clarify the points arising, followed, perhaps some time later, by analysis of a second part of the text. Any combination that helps you reach your goal is possible, but please note that we do not provide full editing or translation services.  

Please note:

  • The consultation package is open to doctoral students matriculated at the University of Bern. The service is not open to doctoral students registered or matriculated at other universities in Switzerland or to visiting scholars or staff members at the University of Bern. 
  • The service is not available at short notice, during the first and second weeks of a semester, or at exam time.
  • Consultations are arranged individually at a time and place which is mutually convenient.
  • Availability is limited.

To request a Consultation, please send an email to from with the word Consultation in the subject line and include your full name and student matriculation number in your email. Please use your student email address and do not use an institute email address.  

In your email, please explain briefly what you are currently working on and what kind of difficulties you are experiencing with English in this. If you are writing a paper or other text and can send a short sample (ca.1 page), please do so.

Information about the course program run by Academic English Services can be found on the web pages for doctoral students: English courses for doctoral students