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How to register for a course

A word about the placement test

The placement test ensures that students attending a course are at a comparable learning level.  The Lanuage Center does not test students for any other purpose. Registration for Fall Semester 2021 opens on September 1, 2021. The test will be online from the same date.

Before sending your test/registration

  • Check the full course description in KSL/CTS. 
  • Check how much work you will be expected to put in to successfully complete a course. On top of regular weekly attendance throughout the semester (80% of the course), you will be expected to submit assignments. This is described as out-of-class workload in every course description.
  • Students MUST use their email address to send the test or email registration. This applies in equal measure to doctoral students. Please do not use institute email addresses or private email addresses.
  • As a rule, one course place is offered each semester. Requests for second course places are only considered if there are unfilled places in the first week of a course.  

How to register (new students) 

  • Download the test at the bottom of this page, fill it in, and send it to us from Our email address is on the test. Do not submit handwritten tests. 
  • Don't forget to tell us which course you are interested in.  Please do not write B2, C1, etc. on your test.  We require the title (name) or the KSL number of the course to register you.

Returning students

  • Do not submit a test if you have successfully passed a course in a previous semester. Send your registration from your student campus account to Don't forget to give your full name and student matriculation number plus the name or KSL number of the course you would like to attend.

What happens next?

  • If your chosen course is at the correct level and a place is available, we will register you and send an information email.  If the course is not suitable/not at the correct level/there is no place left in the class, you will be sent a recommendation for a different course.    

  • ILIAS: it is not possible to register in ILIAS until you have been accepted by email.  ILIAS passwords are sent a couple of days before a course begins.

Our courses are open to...

Our standard English courses are open to students who are matriculated at the University of Bern to study for a full degree. International exchange students registered for an exchange semester at the University of Bern may also attend. Standard course places are allocated on the first-come, first-served principle. Returning students MUST remember to register for a new place. Registration is not automatic from semester to semester.

 Transferable Skills at the University of Bern run writing courses for postdocs, and the Zentrum für Universitäre Weiterbildung/Centre for University Continuing Education also offer some presentation and writing courses in English.   

Your commitment

If you register for a course, you agree to attend regularly (80% of the course) and sit the final examination or participate in the course assessment.

You may withdraw (deregister) from a course after the first class without penalty (contact or your course leader). If you have not done so before the second class is held, it is understood that you will complete the course and participate in the course assessment/examination.

If you do not complete your course, you will not be offered another course place/will no longer be able to register for an English course run by the Language Center.

Repeating an examination or course assessment

A failed examination or course assessment may be repeated once in a subsequent semester. Should a student fail again on the second attempt, no third attempt or repeat of the course will be permitted.

Course levels B1, B2, C1. What does this mean?

If you are not familiar with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and the terms B1, B2, C1 used to describe the levels at which courses are given, please refer to the Council of Europe self-assessment grid at the bottom of this web page. Although levels A1 and A2 (beginners/advanced beginners) are described in the grid, we do not offer any courses at these levels.