Mobility and Exchange Outgoing

Before my stay

Registration with your host university (Application / Registration)

1. End of March / beginning of April: You will be informed by e-mail whether you have been offered a place to study abroad.

2. End of March / beginning of April: You will be nominated by UniBE International at your host university (pre-registration). If the nomination is made via email, you will receive a copy (cc) for your information. Otherwise you will receive a separate email regarding the nomination. 

3. Also towards the end of March / beginning of April: Find out about the application deadline of your host university immediately after you have received your study place. You are responsible for submitting the documents required by your host university on time.

Study abroad stay beginning in the autumn semester: The application deadlines for the autumn semester can be as early as mid-April or earlier. Find out about the deadline and the required documents in good time.

Study abroad in the spring semester: The registration deadlines for the spring semester are usually in the autumn, but there are some exceptions. Therefore, it is important that you inform yourself early. A few partner universities do not accept our nominations for the spring semester until the autumn. In this case, we can only nominate you to your host university in the autumn.

4. You can find out the application deadline at your host university as follows: 

Website of your host university (keywords for Google search: "name of university" "Erasmus" "incoming" "application deadline"). In some cases you need to search not online for your host university, but more specifically enter the name of your faculty and/or department at your host university. 

Some host universities send us an information sheet (factsheet) directly. You will find these documents in the online portal when you search for your host university (via subject, year, study level). In the search result, click on the "i" (Info) symbol on the left-hand side. In the window that opens, you will find a direct link to the factsheet of the university in question and further information (only if documents are available).

In some cases, you will receive an information email from your host university immediately after the nomination.

What do I have to do?
By when?
Registering at the host university
Once the International Office has accepted your registration for a period of study abroad, you are nominated by the International Office at the University of Bern at your host university. Once you have been nominated (you are informed of this by e-mail), you have to register at your host university yourself (Application) - you yourself are responsible for adhering to the deadlines of your host university. Take a look at the website of your host university for information about the registration formalities for incoming Erasmus students (in a few cases, there is a separate registration procedure for SEMP incomings). You may well receive information directly from the host university when you have been nominated. You yourself are responsible for registering on time! As soon as possible after your nomination. Make sure you keep within the application deadline!
Learning Agreement
Select courses at the host university, discuss these with your Erasmus coordinator, and have the learning agreement signed by both parties (your own and the host university). Before going abroad.
Entering the host country Make sure you find out about the conditions relevant to entering and residing in the particular country.
As soon as possible.
Accommodation Apply for accommodation in a student dorm or try to find accommodation yourself. With registration at the host university
or as soon as possible.
Renewal of semester registration Complete the semester registration for your semester abroad at the University of Bern: Studying for one semester at another university. As soon as possible. Registration fees
or pay bill immediately.
Formal obligation and certificate of registration Complete the formal obligation and submit it together with the certificate of registration from the University of Bern for the exchange semester to the International Office. As soon as you receive the certificate of registration after paying the semester fees.