Mobility and Exchange Incoming

Information regarding Covid-19

General information


Please check the travel information published by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH):

The following measures may apply to you, depending on the country you are travelling from and on the means of transport you choose:

  • Contact tracing
  • Proof of a negative test result
  • Proof of a valid vaccination or proof that you have fully recovered from covid-19
  • Quarantine measures



Should you be affected by the quarantine measures according to the information from the FOPH, you will have to go to your accommodation immediately upon arrival (you may use public transport, if you wear a mask) and undergo a quarantine of 10 days during which you are not allowed to leave your accommodation.  

You also need to report to the cantonal authority within two days of your arrival in Switzerland. If you are living in the canton in Bern, please use this online form.

Please make sure to enquire with your landlord or property management, whether it will be possible for you to use the accommodation for quarantine. For those who booked an accommodation with, we are happy to inform you that it will be possible to undergo quarantine in their facilities.



Covid-19 tests

Covid-19 tests are available in several places in Bern. A PCR-test can be done here. Should a quick test be sufficient please check here for the closest pharmacy that offers such quick tests. Please note the testing times, many pharmacies require you to call or register in advance to make an appointment.

It is also possible to do a test at Zurich airport on appointment: 


Please note that for persons entering Switzerland a negative test result might be required. Please check the tab "Entering Switzerland" for more information.

Procedure for those who show symptoms of disease

If symptoms of illness occur, stay at home and avoid contact with other people (self-isolation).

Inform your doctor. Your doctor will decide whether a test is appropriate. (e.g. City Notfall)

If you are tested and the result is positive, you must continue to isolate yourself. The competent cantonal authority will contact you and discuss all further steps. The cantonal authority will also inform you when the isolation can end.

If the test result is negative, you can leave isolation 24 hours after the last symptoms of the disease have subsided.

Reporting a positive test result

Students, employees and lecturers who have tested positive are requested to contact the in-house physician by e-mail:

In addition, anyone who tested positive will be contacted by the cantonal authorities and must follow their quarantine instructions.

Obligation to wear a mask


The wearing of masks is compulsory in all publicly accessible buildings, on all public transport in Switzerland and in many places outdoors. We recommend that all students bring masks, as masks are rather expensive in Switzerland.

Offers for international students


Online Grocery Shopping in Switzerland

In addition, we put together a webinar on how to do online grocery shopping in Switzerland. 

Courses and teaching

Spring semester 2021– Teaching and Courses 

The University of Bern has decided on the following guidelines for teaching in spring semester 2021:

Guidelines for teaching in spring semester 2021.pdf


To guarantee the safety and well-being of students and staff, the University of Bern has taken a series of measures and developed a safety concept. In particular, social distancing and hygiene rules need to be respected. Dispensers of disinfectants are available at all entrances and in all universities buildings. The wearing of masks is compulsory on the entire campus of the University of Bern (in all university buildings and their exterior spaces).

Please find all measures as well as information on teaching and courses here (they will be updated regularly):

Last update: 15.01.2021

The University Executive Board has decided that from the start of the semester on September 20, all students attending courses in person at the University of Bern are requested to have a covid certificate (please note that only Swiss or EU certificates are accepted).

For those who do not have a certificate the teaching content must be made available online in adequate form by the lecturer. 

The certificate requirement applies to all activities that take place within the framework of the University, regardless of the number of participants. Compliance with the certificate requirement is checked by means of random sampling. 

The University will offer free PCR testing for students and employees with a Unicard. They can be tested at three different locations in Länggasse starting in October at the latest. The certificates issued during these tests are valid for 72 hours for university use. 

Since there is no comprehensive checking of the certificates, wearing masks is still required for the safety of students and lecturers in the interior spaces of the University. 

Please find all measures as well as information on teaching and courses here (they will be updated regularly):

Last update: 16.09.2021