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Hobbies and interests

Providing information on hobbies is optional. It is particularly appropriate if you are lacking in work experience (mainly for apprentices and young professionals). Think hard about which hobbies you want to include and which to leave out. Ideally, only state those hobbies that you can link to the job being advertised and that enable you to highlight your personal qualities in a positive way. Nevertheless, do not give too much emphasis to hobbies in your CV, as your main interests should be in the professional arena, from the employer's point of view. Furthermore, not all hobbies are ideally suited for specifying in a CV. Hobbies can be used to deduce useful, positive characteristics, (e.g. team player) but also negative ones (e.g. high risk taker). Do not just use generic headings, but specify your hobbies, more precisely (e.g. do not simply state "Music" but say which type of music you enjoy, whether you simply listen to music or whether you play in an orchestra, etc.).

You may also use two columns to provide details about your hobbies. Put the heading on the left-hand side (e.g. travel), give the relevant description on the right-hand side (e.g. hiking trips through unspoiled nature or interest in pre-Columbian cultural objects in Central and South America).