Promotion of Research Uni Internal Grants

Seed Money

The University of Bern offers seed money for researchers participating in European collaborative projects.

Eligibility: Employees of the University of Bern.
Amount: Max. CHF 10,000 per planned submission. A total of CHF 60,000 is available for seed money for the current year.
Scope: The seed money covers costs incurred during the preparation of a European collaborative project. Eligible are Horizon 2020 project proposals in which the University of Bern plays a substantial role (e.g. coordination) and which will be submitted in 2018 or 2019. Seed money cannot be applied for retroactively.
Use of seed money: Travel, consultants, translating, editing, salaries, etc. Preparatory research activities cannot be funded. Before payment of the seed money is made, an agreement will be reached on how the use of the funds is to be reported.
Application format: Max. 2 DIN A4 pages (see application form below).
Required content:
  • Details of the research team at the University of Bern
  • Targeted programme area and/or call identifier
  • Details on the partners of the collaborative project
  • Approximate project budget of the University of Bern in EUR (if already possible to estimate)
  • Evaluation of the chances of success with the EU plus a short justification
  • Rough budget for the seed money (max. CHF 10,000)

Further seed money

The State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation offers research bodies, organizations and companies based in Switzerland a lump-sum contribution in the amount of CHF 8,000 for project coordination. Eligible are applicants proposing to coordinate a research project under Horizon 2020 and whose evaluated project proposal reaches or exceeds the threshold laid down by the Commission.

Guidelines and forms