Promotion of Research Uni Internal Grants

Interfaculty Research Cooperations (IRC)

Since 2018 networking projects from different subject areas are being supported by the University of Bern with three Interfaculty Research Cooperations IRC.

Each of these networking projects involves 9 to 13 research groups from at least two different faculties. They are each led by two people from different faculties.

The three IRCs launched in 2018 were approved by the Executive Board of the University of Bern in a competitive process. They are based on the five strategic priority topics of the University of Bern (Sustainability, Health and Medicine, Matter and Universe, Intercultural Knowledge, Politics and Administration).

A maximum funding of 1.5 million Swiss francs per year per IRC is provided and the duration is limited to four years.

Regulations on the establishment of new Interfaculty Research Collaborations IRC at the University of Bern 

The three ongoing IRC were established based on the following regulations: