Promotion of Research Uni Internal Grants

ID Grants

In 2023, there will be no call for Interdisciplinary Grants at the University of Bern (UniBE ID Grants).

The UniBE ID Grants will be suspended for 2023 for the purpose of evaluation and adjustments. From 2024 onwards, (adjusted) ID grant calls can be expected again.

As part of its Strategy 2021 (and again in the current Strategy 2030, p. 96f.), the University of Bern has set itself the goal of featuring its research operations with strong inter- and transdisciplinarity and by working together with national and international research associations. As a means to promote interdisciplinary research, the Executive Board of the University of Bern is inviting applications for interdisciplinarity grants (referred to below as "UniBE ID Grants").

The introduction of major interdisciplinary research projects calls for intensive cooperation between partners from different academic fields and faculties. With "UniBE ID Grants" as start-up financing, leaders of research groups should be better able to prepare for applications to national and international programmes. This in turn should enhance the position of University of Bern researchers in raising national or international third-party funds in the field of interdisciplinary research.


No UniBE ID grants will be announced in 2023.

Framework conditions for UniBE ID Grants

  • With the "UniBE ID Grants" researchers from the University of Bern and/or Bern University Hospital who intend to submit an application for interdisciplinary project funding to an external funding institution will be supported by means of start-up financing (= principal application or principal project). The aim of this support is to promote interdisciplinary research at the University as well as (in projects involving Bern University Hospital) collaboration with Bern University Hospital.
  • The project must be organized on an interdisciplinary and interfaculty basis: at least two academic fields, at least two faculties of the University of Bern (incl. Bern University Hospital). Bern University Hospital counts as the Faculty of Medicine.
  • The sum pledged for each application is generally between CHF 75,000 and 150,000.
  • Support is provided to prepare for the following principal applications: Sinergia of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), interdisciplinary project funding of the SNSF (from 2016 onwards within the Sinergia Program), Synergy (European Research Council), applications for equivalent subsidies from national and international support agencies (project funding).
  • Persons entitled to apply are independent research group leaders (including individual researchers) from all faculties of the University of Bern, including researchers from Bern University Hospital.
  • Applicants (all!) must be employed at the University of Bern or Bern University Hospital for the whole duration of the principal project. They also have to be eligible for the principal project (for example position, maximum number of projects allowed for one person, et al.).
  • Applicants must not have already successfully submitted a principal application as indicated above in the same connection.
  • The principal project must be established at the University of Bern and/or at Bern University Hospital.
  • A "UniBE ID Grant" should in the main be used to finance a doctoral student resp. a post-doctoral student who under the supervision of all participating applicants carries out preliminary work for submitting an application for external funding (principal application).
  • Support will be provided for the best qualified and most promising applications. Assessment will be based on the following criteria: a) qualification of the applicant, b) scientific quality and innovativeness of the project, c) interdisciplinarity of the principal project, d) feasibility of the project, e) prospects for success of the principal application.
  • Amendment 17.7.2019: Please note the changes for the Postdoc level after 1 August 2019 (see footnote 7 in application form).
  • Amendment 19.8.2020: The last sentence of Art. 5.2 of the regulations ("Bei Beteiligung von Angehörigen des Inselspitals muss die Koordinationsperson aus deren Kreis stammen.") is irrelevant, because currently only the University of Bern alone (without participation of the Inselspital) finances the ID Grants. This means: if members of the Inselspital are involved, they do not have to be coordinator. Also another person from the University of Bern is allowed to be coordinator.


Full terms and conditions can be found in the regulations.