Promotion of Research Resources for Proposals and Projects

US Federal Agencies

Resources for proposals and projects with the University of Bern

Legal Name Universität Bern
Project/Performance Site Universität Bern, Inst./Dept. name and address
Type of Applicant Non-domestic (non-US) entity
DUNS Number 488977901
EIN/TIN 44-4444444
Congressional District 00-000
Authorized Representative  Prof. Hugues Abriel
Hochschulstrasse 6, 3012 Bern, Switzerland
+41 31 684 5109
 UBERN authorizations Signature rules

Information on funding opportunities and administrative procedures of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Department of Defense (DoD) as well as tools and resources for US federal proposals and projects are available on the UNI INTERN website, which is accessible from within the University or Inselspital network. External applicants please contact the Grants Office.

The following is available for proposals:
– Information on eligibility
– Budget templates and instructions
– Instructions on how to complete online forms
– Templates for required letters
– Links to tutorials, sample proposals and frequently asked questions

The following is available for projects:
– Information on required Drittmittelkredite (funding accounts)
– Overhead rules
– Templates and instructions for timesheets
– Information on the various ethical approval processes
– Information on project reporting with links to guides

Advisory services

Grants Office advisory services for US proposals can be found here.
Grants Office advisory services for US projects can be found here.