Promotion of Research Resources for Proposals and Projects


Resources for proposals and projects with the University of Bern

Legal name Universität Bern
Organisation short name
Address Hochschulstrasse 6, 3012 Bern, Switzerland
UBERN authorizations
Signature rules

Information on administrative procedures as well as tools and resources for Innosuisse proposals and projects are available on the UNI INTERN website, which is accessible from within the University or Inselspital network.

The following is available for proposals:
– Information on project types and proposal submission details
– Budget instructions and rates for the calculation of personnel costs
– Information on intellectual property rules

The following is available for projects:
– Explanation of Funding Agreement obligations
– Information on required Drittmittelkredite (funding accounts)
– Overhead rules
– Instructions for time recording
– Information on project reporting

Advisory services

Innovation Office advisory services for Innosuisse proposals can be found here.
Innovation Office advisory services for Innosuisse projects can be found here.